The solution for feet kicking, moping and dragging homeschool days

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Where did spring go? It is pouring rain here in Germany, for the second week in a row. It’s almost cruel, because we had the most delicious taste of spring just two weeks ago. It’s doubly sad because I found the solution to my seven year old acting….. well, seven.

Some days, I think we will never finish school for the day. Math class can take hours, simply because he refuses to buckle down and finish the work. It is never too hard. Most of the time, the problem is day dreaming, or laziness, and just not being diligent.

When the sun came out earlier this month, I  found a way to battle this feet kicking, moping and dragging attitude.

I loaded up all our schoolbooks in a bag, told all the kids to get their shoes on, and we headed to the local playground.


School got done in record time. Little Miss was out of our hair, because she happily climbed up and down, up and down the entire time we were there. She was always in sight so I didn’t have to worry about what trouble she is getting into. The boys took turns, one would play with Little Miss, and the other would get something done.

Bug finished Math in record time, so he could get a chance to play. When he ran off, Mr. Man came over to get his handwriting done. We read our history book out loud as we all watched the clouds.


I can’t take credit for this amazing idea, because I have homeschool friends who have been doing this for longer and are much wiser than I am. I will be forever grateful to them for coming up with “Park Schooling”!

How do you deal with bad attitudes? Have you ever done school at the park?

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