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Easy and Fun Cat in the Hat Craft for Dr. Suess Month

Did you know that March is Dr. Suess month? To celebrate, try out this fun and easy Cat in the Hat craft with your kiddos!



  • Use the white card stock to cut out a tall rectangle for the background of the hat, the longest strips (for the brim) and the smaller circle (that will make the cat's face). Use the red card stock to cut the three short strips for the hat and the pieces of the bow tie. Use the black card stock to cut out the larger circle and the cat's ears.
  • Glue the three red strips onto the white, rectangle cutout, keeping them as evenly spaced as possible, to create the tall part of the hat.
  • Glue the long white piece onto the bottom of the hat to make the brim.
  • Grab the two, round cut-outs (one black and one white).  Glue the smaller, white round shape onto the middle of the bigger, black round shape to make the cat's face.
  • Glue the two black triangle pieces (the ears) to each side of the top of the head, and create your cat's bow tie by gluing the two red triangles to the small, red circle. Glue the bow tie to the bottom of the cat's face.
  • Affix the hat to the top of the cat's head, making sure that the pointy ears are on the outside of the hat.
  • Use a Sharpie or pen to draw the cat's face onto the white circle!