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Red Fish, Blue Fish: A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Paper Craft

This is a fun Dr. Seuss-inspired paper craft for children (and adults!) of all ages for Dr. Seuss Month.


  • Use pre-cut quilling strips (or make your own by cutting some even strips from construction paper or cardstock). Use red and blue if you're doing this as a Dr. Seuss craft. For each fish, use your slotted quilling tool to curl the two strips into loose coils.
  • When both strips are curled, shape them into two tear-drop shapes with your fingers. One should be smaller than the other (as shown in the photo). If necessary, you can trim one of the coils before making it into a tear-drop shape--or just curl it more tightly.
  • For the larger tear-drop coil, leave the end of the strip open and extending out over the edge of the shape. This will be important later. For the smaller coil, go ahead and fold the edge over to close the shape.
  • Next, take the small teardrop shape and pinch together its curved side to form a triangle.
  • Now  press one of the flat edges of the triangle shape towards the middle. This creates an “arrow head” shape that will become your fishy’s fin!

  • Apply glue on the big teardrop shape’s end that sticks out over the edge. Now you can connect the fish’s fin to its body!

  • Apply the fish's eye (a googly eye) to the front part of the fish.
  • Cut a tiny half-moon shape from pink construction paper and glue below the googly eye to make the fish's mouth. Once the glue is dry, your fish is done!