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Valentines Day Themed Rhyming Pack

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It’s almost Valentines Day! I really love pulling out all the cute heart themed printables for the kids in the hopes that they’ll fall in love (har har) with the holiday like I have. This year, I added a Rhyming pack to the mix. I made this pack with Mr. Man in mind, using words he’s working on reading at a first grade level.
Free rhyming printable pack for valentines day
This pack is pretty easy to put together. Print all the elements, and then cut them out. You’ll fold the bottom of the envelop portion backwards and secure with tape or a staple to make a little envelope. Then, have your kids read the words and sort them into the proper envelopes with the other words that rhyme.

I did make it a little tricky, and included both sounds of the phonogram “ow” (think tow and cow) so that explains why you have two -ow ending envelopes in the pack. Feel free to sort out one of the sets if it suits your child better.

The other thing that is include are blank envelopes and heart cards, so you can make more sets of your own words if you’d like!

free printable rhyming pack for valentines dayGraphics by Scrappin’ Doodles (license here)

This pack includes words ending in:

-ow (cow)
-ow (tow)

Rhyming Words_Page_01Download the “I love to Rhyme: Read and Sort Pack” in our Shop!

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