The ABC’s of Summer

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I am determined to get the kids and I out of the house this summer. I tend to be a bit of a homebody, but Europe is just begging to be explored! My girlfriend shared this wonderful idea for summer fun, and we are going to do it too.

Here’s how it works- I have a list of 26 activities, one for every letter of the alphabet, with the goal of finishing all 26 before we go back to school.  Check out our list- I think it’s going to make for a good summer!

(We will not be doing these in order, because I walk on the wild side like that. Hey, a girl has to get her kicks somewhere right?)

A is for Airport

B is for Belgium

C is for Chocolate Factory

D is for Dinosaur (go to the dinosaur park)

E is for Early Morning (big breakfast in bed)

F is for Festival!

G is for Geotracking

H is for Hike

I is for Ice Cream

J is for Joust (find a medieval fair)

K is for Kite Flying

L is for Lazy Day

M is for Museum

N is for Night Sky (bring out the telescope)

O is for Olympics

P is for Picnic

Q is for Quacking Ducks (feed the ducks)

R is for River

S is for Sand

T is for Train

U is for Underwater (I’m going to buy the kids swim goggles so they can “see” underwater at the pool. What can I say, my munchkins are easily amused)

V is for Vegetables

W is for Waffles

X is for Xtra Dessert!

Y is for YES! (I’m going to say yes to one of their wild ideas, like eating spaghetti for breakfast, or going to the best play place in town after dinner. Y for YES will be a surprise for them!)

Z is for Zoo

This post is part of the TOS Blog Cruise, Check on Tuesday for more Summer Activity ideas!


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  1. I warn you not to head to Frankenstein’s castle if it has been raining! I think it classifies more as a castle ruin so the ground turns into sticky muck.

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