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1. How do I get my download?

We try to make the process to get our printable goodies as easy as possible- we have a huge amount of worksheets for you to check out! Our printables are available in our shop- you’ll need to add them to your cart and “checkout” even if you are only getting freebies. Printables are only available through this process and will be delivered to the email address you use on the checkout page. If you are ordering free printables, you will not be asked for anything more than your name and email address. If you are purchasing products, you will be directed to use PayPal to complete your purchase.

2. I entered my e-mail address but never received an e-mail with the freebie.

That stinks! I am sorry it didn’t show up in your inbox. Please remember that we don’t control email providers and sometimes it’s tricky to get the emails through. Start first by checking your spam box. The email will have a subject line that includes ‘Your Order is Complete’ so search for that term.

If you looked and still can’t find it, please email us at [email protected]. Let us know that you have checked your spam box, but didn’t receive the email. Please give us as much detail about your problem as possible, including the email address you used to place the order so we can help you quickly.

3. How do I download and open a zip file?

If you click or tap on a link that is a zip file, the file should download automatically to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, follow the instructions below to “unzip” the file:

4. My files opened in a new browser tab or window. How do I save them to my computer?

If your browser opens the file in a new browser tab or window instead of downloading it, don’t worry. Go to the tab that shows the file, then go to “File” in the menu above and choose “Save As” or “Save Page As.” Your computer will then give you the option to save the file wherever you like.

5. I am getting a PDF error, Help!

If you receive errors while trying to use your PDFs it is likely that you need to update your Adobe Reader to the most current version.  Keep in mind the standalone reader and the browser plugin are separate pieces of software and may need to be updated individually.

6. Can I share the freebie with my friends?

Please don’t. Every printable on OPC, even the free printables are copyright protected, just like physical books, and cannot be shared. Instead, you can share the link to the printable in our shop so they can follow the steps to download the printable themselves. Don’t forget that traffic to websites keep bloggers like me in business, and illegally sharing our files makes it harder for me to be able to afford to keep this website up and running.

Please don’t comment on this page- I don’t watch it for questions, and can’t provide you customer service from here. Reach out to us via email if you need help and we will help you as quickly as we can. 

Sharing is caring!