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Looking for some out-of-this-world bookmarks to make to go along with a study of the planets or outer space? So many children are fascinated by anything to do with outer space! If you’re doing any kind of study of outer space or planets, these out-of-this-world bookmarks are a great way to add some fun to your study!

finished bookmarks

You can use them to mark your place in whatever books you’re reading as part of your study. But of course you can also use them to keep your spot in any book you’re reading at any time!

So grab the instructions, gather your supplies (you probably already have everything you need, but if not, the things you need are readily available, and spend a few minutes with your kiddos making these fun out-of-this-world bookmarks!

To get the instructions for making your out-of-this-world bookmarks, click here!


And if you’re also looking for more printables and ideas to use as part of your study of outer space, we think you’ll enjoy some of the other resources we have on this topic.


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