Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Fall Pies

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Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Fall Pies with 5 Ingredients

School has started and fall is in the air!  This means the beginning of the holiday season with rapidly approaching Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hannakuh/Kwanzaa, New Years one after the other.  We LOVE pie in our house and you all know how much I love to bake with the kids.  My latest endeavor in the kitchen with the kids was Easy Fall Pies with 5 ingredients!!  How much easier can it get?


    • Ready Crust mini graham cracker pie crusts (they come in a package of 6)
    • 1 package of instant Jell-O pudding – we used Caramel because we couldn’t find the Seasonal release Pumpkin Spice in our store
    • Milk
    • Whipped cream
    • Autumn Mix Mellowcreme candies



    • Prepare the pudding according to package directions
    • Pour into graham cracker crusts fallpies3
    • Refrigerate until the pudding sets
    • Top with whipped cream
    • Decorate with Autumn Mix Mellowcreme candy


  • Eat!!

The kids were great helpers with this project – anything they can eat when they are finished is always a winner in their books!  We love to celebrate the seasons and frequently our celebrations include baked goods.

Activity Extensions

    • Make homemade pie crust – you can find my go to recipe here.
    • Make cook and serve pudding (this is a great option for working with older kids and having them get familiar with cooking on the stove).
    • Decorate your pies with sprinkles.
    • Decorate with other types of fall themed candy.
    • Have a pie eating contest with your entire family.


If you are looking for other fun fall recipes to make with your kids take a look at some of the recipes below:

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profile pic (1) Shannon is currently a stay at home mom to two children, a dog and a bunny!  She is passionate about baking and enjoys cooking with her kids and writes about it on her blog Crafty Mama in Me!  She loves holidays and creating fun seasonal activities for the kids.  Shannon is a Disney loving Mama and working on creating Disney loving kids!  Follow her on FacebookTwitterInstaPinterest and G+!

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