iPad Case for Kids! Trident Kraken {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

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A couple months ago, Little Miss oh-so-lovingly dropped (read= threw) my iPad 3 across the floor. It ended up with a crack across the middle, but thank goodness, no fancy spider web effect. I knew I had to do something to protect it, but it wasn’t until the Schoolhouse Review Crew had a review for the Trident Case KRAKEN A.M.S. case for the iPad 2/3/4 that I finally got some sort of iPad case for kids to protect my precious iPad.

Trident Case Review
I *love* having a tablet for school, but I have had a hard time finding a case I liked. There are a few features that are a personal MUST for me.
  • My case has to be indestructable. I mean so completely solid, I can throw it across the room (see above for how the preschooler handles electronics)
  • The case has to be practically permanently mounted- it can’t come off easily in little hands
  • It has to be thin enough for me to be held comfortably

This case has a soft rubber inner layer, a screen protector, and a hard plastic outer shell.


The Kraken case has absolutely lived up to my standards. I love that this case is practical for children as well as adults. It is sturdy enough that even when Little Miss drops it, nothing happens, but it has a small enough profile to be easily handled by her small hands.

I have a super high tech *haha* command hook system around my house to hold the iPad since I use it for TV and cookbooks in the kitchen and in my office, and I love that the iPad still fits in the standard hooks even in the Kraken case.

The case was easy to put on the iPad, but once it is on, Little Miss and Mr. Man have been unable to pull it apart. It doesn’t clearly show HOW to pull it apart, so they haven’t even tried (this is something we have struggled with when it comes to other cases, if they can see how it works, they are going to pull it apart).

The touch screen, even though it has a protective cover with the Kraken, is still just as responsive as before. I used rubbing alcohol to clean the screen and make sure there were no bubbles or dust to get in the way, and I can hardly tell there is a screen protector on it.


The only thing I don’t like about this case is that there is not a stand built in. The back of the case has an open circle where you can screw on a stand attachment, but you have to purchase it separately, and I don’t really want to have to keep track of another piece. I wish there was a stand somehow built in.

All together though, this is a study, thin, child-friendly case. In the last month, it has been dropped approximately 20 times, water spilled on it twice, and has been covered in about 12 different sticky substances from little hands. It wipes clean, and is very good at it’s job of keeping my iPad safe!

If you’re looking for a iPad case for kids, read the rest of the crew reviews (cases are also available for kindle, iPhones, and more!) or purchase one just like mine from Trident for $69.95.

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