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Homeschool Curriculum by Learning Style

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Logic of English Foundations– This program is built for wiggly kids. Reading and spelling are taught with active games that engage busy children. I used this with my own kinesthetic learner with amazing results.

Oak Meadow– This program contains many ideas to help kinesthetic learners. It doesn’t require children to be still in their seats, and has a WONDERFUL method of teaching the times tables that would blow the socks off any kinesthetic learner.



Phonetic Zoo Spelling– this program uses an audio program and dictation to teach children spelling- kids listen, write and learn.

The Story of the World– This history program has very well done audio CDs. My kids have enjoyed listening to every level, and have memorized the books using the CDs.

Life of Fred MathThis is “story book math”- no boring drill and kill here, read the story, do the practice questions, and you’re done!

Sassafras ScienceAlong the same lines of Life of Fred, this program teaches science with a story book rather than a text book.



Times TalesThis book teacher multiplication and division facts in no time flat, using stories and pictures. It took Bug just two weeks with this program to learn all his multiplication facts, with no tears and no stress. I recommend this book to everyone!

Beast AcademyThis is a new program that teaches math with a comic book. It’s amazing, challenging, and fun!

Schoolhouse RockRemember this classic from when we were kids? This program is the only reason I know my parts of speech.



Math U See Math principles and equations are “built” using Math U See blocks. The kids are able to “feel” (and see) the problem.

All About Spelling This program uses letter tiles which allow the child to build their spelling words.

Moving Beyond the PageThis program has many hands on activities for every topic study.

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  • I would like to add that I think RightStart Math would make a great addition to this list. I am not affiliated with the program in any way, I am just a consumer who teaches it to my kids and I have found it works well with my child who doesn’t do well with curriculum presented toward auditory learners. There are some components that work for auditory learners in it, such as a rhyming song, and those components frustrate and confuse him so we eliminate them. The games we play and the variety of manipulatives keeps him interested because there is always visual and kinesthetic. I am actually working on a blog post about how I am incorporating more tactile activities since that seems to be where things really “click” for him at this point.

  • Love the idea of this list! My son is only 3 and has a rare neurological disorder that causes some delays. His learning styles are starting to emerge and I getting a sense of a Kinesthetic/Tactile blend from him…My daughter is a blend of all but strongest in audio-visual…I def going to check these out! Ty for sharing!!

    • My kids are all different too! It’s funny how it works out. The oldest is auditory, my middle is tactile, and I’m not yet sure on the little one yet! I’m glad this was helpful to you!