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I remember the moment I decided I was going to Homeschool. I had just checked the mail and had a letter from the school district in the mail box. The week before, I had decided to take Bug from school for 2 days so he could go and spend the weekend with his Dad. My husband had military orders to Germany, which meant there were only two months left for Bug and Mr. Man to spend time with their biological father who lived about 5 hours north of us. His work schedule was complicated, and we would be long gone to Germany before fall break. The visit had to be now, or never. It was already a long weekend, Bug was only in Kindergarten, and I had custody papers to show that Dad needed visitation.

I hadn’t worried too much about the decision to pull Bug from class. I wrote the school a note before we left to explain he was missing class for visitation and explained the extenuating circumstances. The last thing I expected when I opened the letter was a truancy notice. I don’t remember the exact phrasing of it, but I do remember it being an equal amount of threatening and disgusting.

Basically, the gist was “you are in huge trouble” and that there would be legal problems if I didn’t get that kids butt back in class. Forget “mother knows best”. Forget “A Kindergartener needs to spend time with his parent one last time before his life is turned upside down”. Homeschooling had been on my heart for some time, but as of that point, homeschooling was more than an idea to sit on, it was an action I knew I needed to take.

My husband was supportive of my decision but he had a lot of questions. He wanted me to have a plan and an idea of how we were going to do this Homeschooling thing, and he wanted me to be able to tell him how it was going to work and how much it was going to cost- all of which are fair questions. I sat in the living room in the dark for hours trying to find the answers online and it didn’t take long to become overwhelmed.

What do you do at that point; when you realize that Homeschooling is something you want and need to do? How do you get started? What do you teach? HOW do you teach it? It’s downright scary starting out, especially if you don’t know where to start.


This series is for you, the Mama who is new to Homeschooling:

You aren’t alone. It’s not as scary as you think. You CAN do this.

And I want to help you get started. Homeschool 101 is intended to help you start homeschooling. I’ll cover the basics, like deciding what and how to teach, choosing curriculum, and making homeschooling work for you in your home.

While this series is over, I am happy to take any specific questions you have which I will address in this series. You can post your homeschooling questions in the comments here, ask on Facebook, or email me at [email protected].

Looking forward to it!

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