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Home Art Studio Review and Giveaway

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Todays’ review is for something super fun- Home Art Studio, a DVD based art curriculum for elementary school. This is one of those programs that I have eyed for years, but never did purchase for one reason or another. I really wish I had picked it up much sooner- Spoiler Alert- Bug totally loved this program, and I do too. For this review, we were sent the Third Grade DVD and the Art Supplies Set from Jerry’s Artorama.

How it works
In our home, art time with HAS is super easy. I have Bug sit down the DVD, and I have him pick a project that is appealing to him in the moment. I have him watch the complete lesson first, and then if he still wants to do the project, I have him round up his supplies. Having the set from Jerry’s Artorama made it very simple for him to round up everything he needed on his own, and just roll with it.

This is a sample lesson from the DVD- each lesson is pretty short and sweet, but it is reaching real techniques. Bug did his lessons with his remote in hand, so he could pause the lessons in between each step and take his time on the projects.

The DVD includes 16 projects, all of them in this format. Some are seasonal, some can be used at any point in time. The DVDs also include PDF lesson plans if you’d like to teach the lesson instead of relying on the DVD.

Our Experience
Bug has been having an amazing time with Home Art Studio. I am really enjoying how independent the program is for us. I feel like I always have something on my plate, and I am embarrassed to admit that art tends to get the shaft, no matter how much I love it. This program makes it easy for him to explore art while I do whatever it is that I have to do. I can encourage him and watch him and cheer him on, without having to work on lesson plans or do any of the “hard stuff.”
The step by step lessons are really easy for him to follow. He’s 9, and doesn’t have any trouble at all pausing the program when he needs to work. I do think that watching the lesson all the way through before starting is an important step. My kiddo is king at skipping steps just because he doesn’t think they are important, and seeing the big picture before he starts has really helped his tendency to rush and skip ahead. Doing the lesson step by step with the video reinforces the process.
I only have one complaint about this program, and it’s that I want MORE! The projects are so much fun, but Bug has been flying through the DVD, and he probably will complete all the lessons before the summer is over. I’m going to need to grab the next level up for the fall! All the lessons are high quality and appealing, and the DVD is absolutely worth the cost.Overall, this program is a total win for our family!
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