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Christmas Themed Links

****Note: These lessons have been compiled using various free resources. I am not the author of the links or handouts unless stated to be an Only Passionately Curious original. Enjoy!****

Lesson- Santa Claus

  1. S is for Santa (Handwriting)- An Only Passionately Curious original
  2. The history of Santa Claus –Who is St. Nicholas? (History)
  3. Write a letter to Santa (Language Arts)
  4. Find the north pole on a map (Geography) research the north pole.

Lesson- Snowflakes

  1. Make snowflakes out of coffee filters (symmetry)
  2. If you have snow outside- play! Look at the snowflakes falling on your jacket to see their shapes. (nature studies)
  3. All about snowflakes (science)

Lesson- The Grinch

  1. This link includes crafts, activities and a teacher’s guide to comparing the film and original versions of the story (crafts, language arts)

Lesson- Trim the Tree

  1. Christmas Countdown Chain (Patterns)- Make an ABA or ABC pattern Christmas countdown chain out of construction paper. Directions: cut strips of paper in 2 or 3 colors totaling the number of days left until Christmas. Have the child assemble the chain in the order of a pattern. Use to count down the days until Christmas.
  2. Christmas tree puppet (Craft) from Scholastic
  3. Activities for Trimming your Tree-
    Have the child sort ornaments, by size, color, type. (sorting)
    Count ornaments of like colors (counting)
    String Popcorn (small motor skills)
  4. Trim a tree treasure hunt from Scholastic
  5. Virtual Christmas Tree Farm– Learn history of Christmas trees, types of Christmas trees and how Christmas trees grow! (History and Science)

Lesson- Gingerbread

  1. Gingerbread House (Patterns)- Make gingerbread houses using graham crackers and frosting. Use gumdrops and other candies to make ABA or ABC patterns as decoration on the houses.
  2. Gingerbread cut out cookies (cooking and math- try dividing or doubling)

Extra Fun

Holiday Trivia from Scholastic

Christmas Coloring Pages

Holiday word find from Scholastic

Nightly Read-Aloud

Free ebook: A Christmas Carol

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