Easy Home Scavenger Hunts for Kids {Clued in Kids Review and Giveaway}

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I always wanted to be the kind of cool mom who does awesome things with the kids. You know, fun, creative things. I’m fun, and I am creative, but I don’t tend to do cool things out of the blue. This past week, we had a chance to try Clued in Kids easy home scavenger hunts, and I got the “cool mom” award from my kids with almost no effort.

Easy treasure hunts

How it works:

Clued in Kids treasure hunts have done all the work for you. You get a pad of clues (or a printable PDF download of clues) that tell you exactly where to place them. You simply decide what your treasure is, then hide the clues and the treasure where directed. The Treasure Hunts claim it takes 8 minutes to place them, but I got mine set up much faster.

Once everything is hidden, you give your kids the first clue, and let them go for it! Each clue has something different on it, puzzles, active activities, riddles, mazes, and other brain benders to get your children thinking as they race around looking for the treasure.

My Thoughts:

I had never heard of these before the company sent me an email asking for a review of them. They sent me three, and now I want one for every occasion. The kids had so much fun with the Playdate Hunt, and I have the Easter Hunt on the agenda for a special holiday activity.

Home scavenger hunts

The kids had a great time on the hunt. Bug read the clues aloud, and then the kids worked together to solve the puzzles and riddles to find the next clue. Only one clue needed my help, a riddle where the kids just were not connecting the dots. Everything else was just perfect for their ages (8, 6, and 2 tagging along).

I loved that the activities were varied and interesting. It really did require them to think and work hard, so it wasn’t just a fun activity, but it was educational as well. Some of the activities were active, and required things like singing the ABC’s while pretending to hula hoop, or jumping on one foot while rubbing their belly.

Treasure Hunt for the kids

The locations of where to hide the clues were thoughtful as well. I hid them in places like where we keep the socks (yeah, mine are in a basket), under the bed, in a backpack, and with the forks. It appeared that this hunt should work for any home.

The best part is that it’s a cooperative activity. Mr. Man and Bug are a little competitive, and this had them working together instead of competing. Of course, they did race to see who could get to the next clue the fastest, but for the most part, they worked together, which was wonderful to see!

Enter to Win

Clued in Kids has graciously offered a giveaway of one of their PDF Hunts to three lucky winners. All you need to do is use the form below to enter to win. In the meantime, take a look at their Easter Hunt– it’s a fantastic deal for some special holiday fun!

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