Easy Eggnog Glazed Sugar Cookies

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It was Halloween morning when I needed to make a quick run to the grocery store, and I was looking for my favorite type of coffee creamer when I stumbled upon an  entire display of…eggnog. I almost jumped for joy. I love vanilla spiced eggnog, I quickly grabbed a cartoon (or two) and quick finished my shopping so I could get home and have my first cup of my favorite holiday drink.

On the drive home my daughter from the backseat keep asking me for cookies, which came with a very unique set of problems, first of all it was 9am, and a little early for cookies, and secondly I knew for a fact there were no cookies at home, and none in the grocery bags either. So while I was focusing on getting home to my eggnog my daughter was clearly craving cookies.

Why not feed both of our craving in one delicious treat?

I had recently made some sugar cookies for our daughters 2nd birthday party to look like citrus and fruit, because he was “two-tti fruity” after all. I knew I still had all the ingredients so I starting prepping our work space, aka kitchen.

I personally love to use Alton Brown’s sugar cookie recipe. I’ve tried a bunch of different varieties, but his is always the best. I did make one little change this time though. I replaced the 1 Tablespoon of milk with 1 Tablespoon of Eggnog.

After mixing, allowing the dough to rest for 2 hours, rolling, cookie-cutting, and baking the cookies I placed them on a cookie rack to cool completely before mixing the eggnog glaze we would drizzle on top.


To make the eggnog glaze it is really easy. I used my mixer, but you could just a hand mixer too if you prefer. Mix 2 cups powered sugar, 1/4-1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, and 3 Tablespoons eggnog on a low-speed until thin and runny.


You can leave it natural color if you would like, or if you want to add some color just divide the glaze into as many bowls as colors you want to use. Then you whatever type of food coloring you like to use to tint the glaze. I used food coloring gel because that was the only green food coloring I had.


Now comes the fun part. Glazing the cookies. These may not be the most fancy cookies out there, but they are fun to make and great for all ages! Just make sure your little ones are wearing a smock or old T-shirt because the glaze can get messy and can stain. Start by putting a clean cookie rack over a cookie sheet (or wax paper on the counter) then arrange the cookies far enough apart to leave room for creativity. Dip the spoon into the different glazes and drizzle the glaze across the cookies, in any pattern you want. Or no pattern at all. Just have fun and they will turn out great!


They need time to harden before you handled them or stack them in an airtight container for storage. So make sure you allow them to dry, or if you’re in a pinch you can throw them into the refrigerator overnight to make sure the glaze is completely hardened, but then I recommend keeping them in the refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy.



tara Hi All, my name is Tara, I am a military spouse and mommy of one.  A good recipe with lots of ingredients at different measurements is the perfect yummy addition to any math or science lesson! In my free time I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband, two crazy puppies and adorable little girl. I share our military life adventures, kitchen creations and kid friendly crafts over at An Aiming High Wife, come visit anytime, or find us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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