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DIY Fall Flower Pot Boots

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Our new garden is just about finished! It’s been a labor of love on the part of my husband. He get’s me 🙂 Soon that glorious space will be covered in fall veggies and flowers!

Until those sprouts grow into big beautiful plants, I wanted a way to add some color to this outdoor space.

Which lead me to my old rain boots…

Let me explain!

These rain boots are from my college days, and they have taken a bit of a beating since we started our gardening and chicken raising adventures! There are cracks in them now, and they needed to be retired. But I just couldn’t feel right about tossing them.

So I decided to repurpose them to decorate the entrance to my new garden as…flower pots!

I ultimately chose to use these for flowers, but they would be great for herbs too!

I picked marigolds because they are pretty hardy, and they are great natural pest control!
I think planting bulb flowers in these would be pretty cool too!

Let me tell you, this was such a fun project with my girls. They got a kick (pun intended 😉 ) out of filling my old boots up with dirt and planting flowers in them! They’ve dubbed them “silly boots”.

So are you ready to make some of your own silly flower pot boots?? Let’s get started!
To make this project you’ll need:
A pair of old boots
A screwdriver
Potting soil
Flowers, herbs (or seeds if you’d like to start them in the boots)
Paint (optional)

To begin, take your boots of choice and decide if you’d like to decorate them. This is where the paint comes in. Because my boots already have a nifty polka dot pattern, we skipped this step. But your boots might like a little extra love (and I bet your kids would love to give it!).

If you chose to paint your boots, after they’ve dried you’ll need to add some drainage holes. If you didn’t paint them, you can start right here. Adding holes is as easy as poking a screw driver through the soles.
Since my boots had some cracks in the bottom already, I only added 2 or 3 holes to the soles of the boots – you may want to add more if your boots are in better shape then mine 😉
Now it’s time to fill these boots up with soil! Get your kids involved here, if they are anything like mine they love playing in dirt!

***Tip: Make sure to fill the toes of the boot well!! Or the boots will fall over when you’re done! …ask me how we know 😉

Once the boots are filled to close to the top, add in your potted plant. A good place to find these are at the clearance rack at garden centers, farmers markets, or local nurseries. When you’ve got the plant in place, pack more soil around it and give it a nice drink of water.
And voila! You’ve made yourself an adorable re-purposed flower pot!

I think it will add a nice touch of whimsy to our outdoor space, don’t you?

So if you or your kids have an old, well-loved, pair of boots laying around, go grab them and turn them into something new 🙂 And if you don’t, take a trip to your local thrift store and find and old pair for cheap — they won’t even have to be your size!

And when it’s finished, I’d love to see it! Leave a comment below with a link to photos of your finished flower pot boots!

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lindseyLindsey is a modern homesteader and homeschooling Mama of two. Together with her family she lives in North Florida on 1/3 of an acre where they garden, raise chickens and turkeys, do lots of DIY, make a ton from scratch – and include natural learning experiences along the way. She’s passionate about simple, natural living, and shares those passions on her blog, Chickadee Homestead. Find her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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