A is for Alligator {ABCs for Me}

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I am excited to kick off a new series today, ABCs for Me. I have 31 printable packs lined up, full of activities and fun for your preschool and kindergarten kids. 

A is for Alligator

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Little Miss is proudly starting Kindergarten today! We are year around homeschoolers, so each child is able to do work at their level when they are ready for it. Em has been obsessed with books for years, dragging around my novels, and pretending to read them.

Recently, we’ve been working with her a lot on phonemic awareness, and she has started Logic of English Foundations to learn to read. These printables use the same font, so she is able to practice as much as she likes as we work through the program.

Logic of English A Printables DSC_0284

 As she writes each letter, I have her practice the sounds that go along with each letter. I am sure she’ll be reading in no time!

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