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We have 12 Days of Giveaways for you! Click on the day below to enter to win that prize. Bookmark this page and check back each day for more great homeschool giveaways!

Day 1: Classical Academic Press

Day 2: Apologia Readers in Residence

Day 3: Lingo Bus and Linguacious

Day 4: Great Science Adventures

Day 5: Intooba and See the Light

Day 6: Oak Meadow

Day 7: Math-U-See

Day 8: CompuScholar

Day 9: Giles Frontier

Day 10: Logic of English, Veritas Press & Learn and Climb

Day 11: Apologia and Writing with Sharon Watson

Day 12: Homeschool Rescue

Each daily winner will also win one of our Ultimate Printable Planners! Grab yours now and get organized for the new year! If you win, we’ll refund your purchase.

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