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Halloween Candy Graphing Practice {Free Printable}

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Halloween is this week, which means next week, school is pretty much a lost cause. These kids are going to be so hopped up on sugar (and to be honest, I will be too) and no one will be able to concentrate. This year, I am going to fight back by using Halloween candy for graphing practice!

We’re bringing you this graphing activity pack in the hopes of including children of all ages into the math fun. The activities included are easily adaptable to  different ages!

This packet includes practice in:

  • Table making
  • Tally charts
  • Circle graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Fractions
  • Percentages

For the little kids, you can limit their pool of candy to 1-20 total pieces. Older children can do a more challenging version with an unlimited candy selection (just watch how much candy seems to mysteriously disappear!)

The downloadable PDF for this packet also includes live internet links to educational videos that can help your kids better understand some of the concepts being used, so be sure to check those out before you hit “Print”!

Halloween Graphs

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